Python Crash Course

Daily, from March 21 to March 25, 2022. (Week of spring break for UO and LCC.)

Total Cost: $300

$50 registration deposit | $250 tuition

Tuition is due in full by the second day of class.

Whom it's for

This five day crash course is designed for students with an existing programming background to get up to speed in Python.

By the end of the crash course, students will be competent in core Python skills useful for data processing in buisness and academic research. Students will also be prepared to take more advanced classes, like Oak Stream's Practical Machine Learning course.

We assume no knowledge of Python. However, this crash course is not for beginners. We do assume knowledge of at least one object oriented language, such as Java or C/C++.

Extensive experience with R, MatLab, or Julia should be sufficient for prerequisite knowledge.

If you do not have programming experience, Oak Stream recommends taking a class like CIS 122 from the University of Oregon instead.

What to expect

This is a projects-driven crash course. The projects will help prepare you for future classes, and also for professional employment. We ask you put a lot of time into this crash course, and we believe the payoff will be significant for each of you.

The projects in this crash course will be hard work. The class is advertised as a crash course (as opposed to a workshop or seminar) for a reason. It is difficult to quote exactly how much time this crash course will take outside of lecture, since there is variation in background and programming skill. We expect those who have less developed programming skills will find this crash course to be a considerable effort, but also that they will have significant improvement by the end of the experience.

There will be five projects you will complete, one for each day of class. Each project will train you on key Python concepts.

What you'll learn

Lecture topics, by day:

When it takes place

The crash course will take place daily, from March 21 - 25, which is the week of spring break for the University of Oregon and Lane Community College.

We will begin at 11am and meet for 1.5 hours.

Where it's at

In person in Eugene, Oregon.

The location will be near (or on) the main campus of the University of Oregon. The classroom will be within a 5ish minute drive or a 30ish minute walk from UO's EMU building. Exact building and room details will be emailed to registered students one week before the class begins.

Registration Policies